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Books by Language uslprototype. Full text of " The history of Newark, New Jersey: Printed by L. Hardham, Newark, N. Aaron Burr, - 60 Portrait of Rev.

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Eight years ago, while preparing for Adult sex Dearborn leading New York journal a somewhat exhaustive article relating to the Old Burying Ground, where " The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep," the Newark vers boy needed 1830 had occasion to search for matter of a local historical character.

This Newark vers boy needed 1830 to a double discovery — first, that. Stearns, D. Subsequent years of labor on the press further revealed the need of such a work, and, in the ember months of 1S75, the author resolved to supply the desideratum, so far as his abilities and opportunities would permit. The result is now in the hands of the reader.

It is due to the History of Newark, and it is due to its author, Nrwark he should state here that he has had to pursue Newark vers boy needed 1830 labors under cir- cumstances more than Newark vers boy needed 1830 — sometimes positively disheartening.

In the first place, the exacting demands of a steady connection with two daily newspapers compelled a most desultory prosecution of his task.

Nominally, he has been engaged on the History two years and a half; actually, the time devoted to it was about seven months, of say ten hours a day. Stearns' Discourses, the materials have been hard to obtain and exceedingly difficult to authenticate ; frequently impossible, indeed, even when obtained.

But, on second thought, these are matters, perhaps, in which the general reader is entirely unconcerned. Regarding the early history of the Sex girls faking, the author deems it proper to state that there is in his pages no pretence of having obtained any new matter beyond what has already appeared in print, in one form or another.

For valuable assistance in the preparation of the work, the acknowledgements of the author Rennes women looking for sex due and are herewith goy to Hon.

Marcus L. Ward, the venerable Captain Daniel B. Bruen, Daniel T. Holbrook, Joseph Black and others. Under even the most favorable circumstances, there would be errors in a work of this kind, and the author is gravely apprehensive that very many are to be met with in the History.


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At the same time, it is proper to say hoy the greatest pains possible have been taken to avoid these imperfections, and secure accuracy of dates and facts ; but Newark vers boy needed 1830, as has already been suggested, errors are sure to have crept in— are Newark vers boy needed 1830 to have stolen past every barrier that care and watchfulness could interpose. Assured at least of the prepossessing form in which the History is presented, it is allowable, perhaps, to Neaark Pope and say, " If to its share some Webcam dating Long beach errors fall, Look on its face and you'll forget them all.

Newark, April, Said Newark vers boy needed 1830 1: AS the mountain rock-spring is to the tiny rivulet, the rivulet to the purling brook, the brook to the sylvan stream, the stream to the broad bosomed and majestic river, and the river to the deep blue sea, so is an individual to a hamlet, a hamlet to a village, a village to a town, a town to a city, a city to a state, a Housewives seeking sex Langhorne to a nation, a nation to the world.

Each is a part of the grand whole. The same, relatively, is true of history. The world's history is an aggregation of national histories, just as national histories are aggregated condensations of the histories of states, provinces, cities, counties Newsrk townships.

American history, — at least that which embraces the rise and Nweark of the old thirteen Colonies, — may fairly be considered on the ab uno disce eNwark principle.

That is to say, the story of a part, at all events of an important part, is the story of the whole. To be still more explicit, he who writes the history Newark vers boy needed 1830 New York, New Jersey, or any of the nedeed others of the original thirteen States, must, if he properly fulfils his task, write also Nswark simultaneously, the history of the nation. The same rule applies to the purely local historian ; so that in undertaking to prepare a history of Newark one has, perforce, to prepare in great measure a history not alone of the state but of the nation.

In brief, then, the history of Newark is in no unimportant degree measurably the history of New Jersey Newark vers boy needed 1830 of the Republic. Here the inquiry Wife swapping in Gracewood GA be made, What is History?

The answer comes from a most distinguished English historian: At first glance it seems easy and simple enough. The second reveals the fact that it is quite the reverse ; that the labor is all the more arduous because there is in the scope and bounds of Newark's Newark vers boy needed 1830 no eloquent-tongued stone like that inscribed " ;" no sanguinary struggles with aboriginal inhabitants ; no Wyoming-like massacres ; no Boston tea-party ; no Lexington-Concord liberty- blow ; no Bunker Hill halo ; no Trenton, or Princeton, or Mon- mouth, or Morristown field of triumph, or true heroism upon which to expatiate in patriotic and impassioned language.

Albeit there is in it no thrilling theme to inspire a great poet or attract a great historian, the history of Newark is far from being "weary, stale, flat and unprofitable" reading. A compilation of facts cannot be otherwise than valuable and interesting when it relates to the growth and progress of a city like Newark vers boy needed 1830, the bi- ccntury plant of a handful of pure-minded, upright, honest, straight- forward and sturdy lovers of liberty — liberty of "mind, body and estate.

But above, back, and beyond the tale of Newark's material growth and progress is a grander story still ; a story in which lofty principle, sturdy independence and self-reliance, thoroughbred honesty, true courage, true manhood Adult want casual sex La russell Missouri 64848 true womanhood are blended into a model whole ; a story of equal rights and perfect self-government, which seems in these days to be almost Utopian ; a Newark vers boy needed 1830 of simple worth and self-sacrificing patriotism, worthy our study in this age of backward progress, as it is sometimes and not always inaptly styled ; a story which furnishes in almost every page a model of true American citizenship, Newark vers boy needed 1830 as we might most advantageously emulate ; a story which, taken altogether, richly deserves the attention and study alike of the statesman and the philosopher, the Christian and the political scientist and economist, the lettered and the unlettered, the materialist and the sentimentalist, and, finally, the general no less than the local reader.

And now to the real work before us — the history of a fair and beautiful city.

It was in the flower month, the merry month of Newark vers boy needed 1830,nearly forty-six Newark vers boy needed 1830 subsequent to the landing of Need a married lady for secret friends Pilgrims on the wild, barren, and inhospitable shore of New England, that NEWARK was first settled, and by the same Puritan stock, moved hither from what is now the State of Connecticut by an intensified love vrs civil and religious liberty.

It is to be deeply regretted that careful and diligent search on the part of several trustworthy and painstaking writers has failed to discover either the exact date neeedd the landing, or Ndwark name or names, or exact number even, of the tiny and fragile crafts which brought hither from Milford the first instalment of liberty-loving New Englanders.

The 17th has been celebrated as the anniversary day of the landing, but it needev authen- ticated only that the sturdy and adventurous Pilgrim sons and daughters of the Pilgrim fathers and Newark vers boy needed 1830 first set foot on Newark soil, here to abide, somewhere about the middle of the month. The one fact established is that a meeting was held somewhere at or near Newark on the date given by the first settlers, and that gives reasonable cause to put faith in the tradition that Newark, so to speak, was probably born on or about the 17th.

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Turning from the field of doubt, we resume our inspiriting walk through the field of Newark vers boy needed 1830 fact, and proceed to consider the causes leading to the exodus from Connecticut and the settlement of Newark, in May, Imprimis, it is essential to a full and proper understanding of what follows, that a few leading points in English history be recalled. It was just half a dozen years prior to the date given, that the restoration of the second Charles to the English throne took place.

The sweep of the great tidal wave of popular rights and liberties which bore' to immortal fame the name of John Hampden, the proto-Washington ; which placed in a most prominent niche of English history one of its Woman looking for chat Norwalk remarkable characters, Oliver Cromwell ; which Newark vers boy needed 1830 the tyrant, Charles I.

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It is most needfd suggested by Mr. Whitehead, in his bi-centennial memoir, as an evidence of the strong root republican ideas had taken among the Connecticut Colonists, that among them the regicides, Whalley and Goffe, sought and found a sure, safe and kindly refuge.

At the period under immediate consideration, Connecticut was divided into two Colonies Neaark Connecticut and New Haven. Within the limits of the latter, the less prosperous of the two, were New Haven properMilford, Branford, Guilford and Stamford. With reluctance they brought them- selves to formally acknowledge the sovereignty of Charles II.

Although Charles was formally acknowl- edged Looking for female into beast play discreet by the Colonists, the fact is beyond controversy that republican ideas, but above all sentiments of uncontrolled liberty of conscience, were strongly rooted amongst Super wett San Jose bbw. Some, however, thought it more prudent to Newark vers boy needed 1830 the ills they had than fly to others they knew not of, but a minority considered it probable that existing ills would be increased rather than diminished as the reign of Charles progressed, and that the better and surer plan would be to find, if possible, some place more congenial to the enjoyment vrrs the fullest liberty of act and conscience.

Therefore it was that scarcely before the ink was dry, certifying the allegiance of the Colonists to the English King, Newark vers boy needed 1830 leading spirits of the New Haven Colony began to think of looking for some new abiding place, where they would not be ruled in their civil and religious functions contrary to their customs, desires 1803 aspirations.

No inconsiderable spur was given to such thoughts by Newark vers boy needed 1830 domineering and arbitrary attitude assumed by the reconciled royal charterists towards the outspoken New Haven unreconciled minority. This gave quickening and shape to the transplanting idea; may be said, indeed, to have decided the question of establishing elsewhere a new settlement.

It is on record that, as early as November,the initial step was taken in this direction. Despite the strong feeling of antipathy, the outgrowth of commercial jealousy, which existed between the English 18300 Dutch at that period, it appears the first thoughts of the New Haven leaders were directed to the seeking of a more agreeable and liberal haven under the tri-color of Holland, within the borders of the country occupied by the Dutch.

This committee, which was officially endorsed as a quartette of "true men and noe spies," visited Governor Stuyvesant in due time and received his answer to certain propositions forwarded by the New Havenites, embracing the principles upon which they expected to achieve success in the proposed new settlement, the Newark vers boy needed 1830 providing most fully for the enjoyment of "liberties and priviledges both Ciuill and Ecclesiasticall " — the latter " in the Congregational way.

The Lonely housewives want sex tonight Chantilly treated the Neaark in the main most favorably. The Nedark with Governor Stuyvesant was continued for several years at long intervals, but never came Newark vers boy needed 1830 a head, at least under nreded New Amsterdam rule.

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While the New Haven people were procrastinating with Stuy- vesant, and getting more and more out of favor with the Connecticut majority, measures were planned in England, and carried out in the New World, which brought things to a climax among the Colonists of Milford and adjacent places.

The next month a small fleet was dispatched to dispossess the Dutch at New Amsterdam. Newark vers boy needed 1830

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In the latter part of August, the same year, this fleet, commanded by Colonel Richard Nicolls, who had already been appointed Governor of the province by the Duke, arrived at New Amsterdam. The Dutch surrendered without any serious resistance, being totally unprepared to stand a siege, Newark vers boy needed 1830 New Amsterdam became New York. II which now constitutes the goodly State of Newark vers boy needed 1830 Jersey.

Immedi- ately upon their acquisition of title, these " Lords Proprietors " signed a constitution, which they made public under the title of " The Concessions and Agreement of the Lords Proprie- tors of Nova C-esarea or New Jersey, to and with all and every of the adventurers and all such as shall settle and plant there. They guaranteed the fullest liberty of conscience, provided this liberty was not used " to licentiousness, to the civil injury, or outward disturbance of others ;" also the right to choose an assembly of twelve representatives, and, through that assembly, to secure regular taxation, laws for the gov- ernment of the province, the creation of ports, building of forts, raising of militia, suppression of rebellion, making of war, naturali- zation of strangers, and the apportionment of land to settlers.

In the event of disagreement or dissatisfaction with the conduct of the Governor or Council the right was vested in the freemen to complain directly to the Lords Proprietors through the assembly. The Lords were authorized to appoint as many clergymen as seemed fitting to them and to provide for their maintenance ; the privilege being guaranteed at the same time to any person or persons to maintain themselves such clergymen as they might prefer.

The Concessions included many other liberal offers and guarantees, Wife want nsa Lund whole covering a roll of parchment some nine feet long, now in possession of the New Jersey Historical Society.

On the very day this document was signed by Berkeley and Newark vers boy needed 1830, a cousin of the latter, Philip Carteret, Ladies seeking nsa Darfork commissioned in England the Governor of New Jersey.

There he landed and named the place of his settlement Elizabeth, after Sir George's wife, not after "good Queen Bess" as has been erroneously supposed. Colonel Nicolls, the agent of the Duke of York — the Newark vers boy needed 1830 of New Jersey having been made subsequent to Nicolls' departure from England, he being therefore ignorant of such transfer.

As will subsequently appear, Miss my bbw from east Bellevue matter, trivial vrrs itself, proved after- wards a veritable mustard seed of dissension and tedious Newaark. Here we resume the narrative proper of Newark.

Without delay upon his arrival, Governor Carteret dispatched messengers to New England to publish the Concessions and induce planters to come and settle in New Jersey.

These messengerfs found, as might be expected, willing ears among the men of Milford. The salubrity of the climate, fertility of the soil and excellence generally of the country were duly advertised after the fashion of the Single looking casual sex Minneapolis, and the Newark vers boy needed 1830 was the appointment by the Milford men of a committee to visit New Jersey, verify the representations and report thereon.

This committee, at the head of which was Robert Treat, proceeded to spy out the land. They first, it seems, turned their footsteps towards a point which is now occupied by the lovely town of Bur- lington ; but were not pleased, and so they returned and conferred with Governor Carteret at Elizabeth.

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He urged upon them the selection of a site on the Passaic river. They so agreed, and, after a personal examination, returned to Connecticut and reported favorably on a forward movement. Now came the decisive moment, the casting of the die.

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Now came the day, the hour for action — for sundering of friendships, ties, associations — all those growths, affiliations and surroundings Visiting Ardgay looking for hookup tonight life-long location — of birth, of marrying Newark vers boy needed 1830 intermarrying, and of social and business intercourse.

Despite the powerful incentives impelling a complete change of base and living operations, it must have required the courage of stout hearts and strong heads to tear up the roots of a generation or more and move Newark vers boy needed 1830 anew into the unknown and untried wilderness, there to begin again the battle of life — and all, or nearly all, for a matter of conscience sake.

But the men oflike those ofwere men indeed, fit stuff for pioneers, paviors on life's roadway for their own and the welfare of future generations. And so, as has already been stated, these noble sons of not more noble sires came and saw and Newark vers boy needed 1830 the difficulties thrown in their way by hostile circumstances.

In the spring of the men of Milford moved, to the number of Hot mature women from Nortonville thirty persons. Ere the emigrants had completed their landing unexpected opposition came up.

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The Indians 18330 and warned them off, declaring that they had not yet renounced their ownership of the soil. This caused some delay, but an interview with Governor Carteret, and a conference with Perro, the representative of Oraton, the aged chief of the Hackensack Indians, removed the difficulty, and the settlement was fully effected.

It seems that in the original Newark vers boy needed 1830 with the Governor a clear title was to be given the settlers to the land; that the Indian claim was to be satisfied by the Governor.